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Indian Raw Cotton

Cotton supply has been our family business for several decades,  hence we specialize in the supply of all kinds of raw cotton grown in India. Running three large scale Modern Ginning & Pressing units located in the state of Haryana which produces 90 M.T/day from Saw gins as well as Double Roller gins, its cotton quality is minutely monitored and maintained at all stages of production.

Why Buy from Us

Amrit Fibers Pvt Ltd, as one of the Oldest Company in India is a very well known and trusted Company.  With the years to go on, we  have achieved exponential success in delivering our commitments to trade and winning the trust of our respected buyers and associated partners domestically and internationally. We maintain utmost Transparency in our trade and reliability in our  all business operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary focus is on Customer Satisfaction with our quality oriented attitude. Our satisfaction is reflected in our customers’ satisfaction and gain.

Quality Excellence

Product quality being our foremost concern, our cotton is carefully selected, neatly processed, HVI tested, thoroughly inspected, neatly packed and then finally exported to the destination.

Quality Maintenance

We believe that maintaining the excellence of the quality of the raw cotton we supply, we could survive all passing ups and downs in our business.

On time Delivery

We ensure that after thorough tests and reviews, Raw cotton is exported to its final destination on time.

Raw Cotton

Indian Raw Cotton is our core product and we have been marketing the same for at least 60 Years in domestic and Global Markets.

Last Cotton Season (2006-07) we had transported cotton around 180000 bales in numbers equivalent to 30000 metric tone.

We deal in all varieties grown in India ranging from 16MM – 38MM. We not only deal in cotton rather we have strong presence and joint participation with reliable quality cotton ginners at various Cotton Producing centers and areas all over India. We have our own two Technology Mission on Cotton (TMC) pattern modern cotton Ginning and Pressing units in Haryana (North India) which have a combined production of around 275 bales in regular basis during the season.

We have a long Lasting reputation with all the Ginners/Manufactures situated in the Various Cotton Purchasing Centres all over the India such as Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan etc.

We deal in all Varieties of Raw Cotton such as Bengal Deshi, J-34 S/g or D/r ,LRA,H-4,MECH-1, Shanker-6,Bunny, MCU-5(30-31-32-33-MM), DCH-32 etc. The Names are just few to say.

Just for your kind reference, there are some HVI reports here under for various Indian Raw Cotton varieties which are generally in great demand by our international clients. These reports are in Downloadable format and can be viewed any time upon your request.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without insecticide/ pesticide from plants, which are not genetically modified. Cotton is the most pesticide dependent crop in the world, accounting for 25% of the world’s pesticides. According to world Health Organization (WHO), 20,000 death occur each year from pesticide poisoning in developing countries, many of these from cotton farming.

We are also dealing in Organic Raw Cotton. We have an direct registration with ECOCERT A & Control Union (Formerely SKAL) We also supply organic cotton from Onecert, Indocert and other organic certification bodies.

We deal in all major varieties of organic cotton such as Shanker-6(1-1/8 – 28.5-29MM) / Bunny (29-30MM) / MCU-5(30-31MM). We have strong procuring network for organic cotton in various states such as Gujarat,Maharashtra,Orissa etc.

Our certificate in respect of our Registration for selling Organic Cotton is available in a Downloadable format for your ready reference. There are some pictures in relation to the organic Cotton Production attached just to give you some information of cultivation of organic cotton.


Cotton Waste

We deal in cotton waste specially Comber Noil.

We have supplied a reasonable quantity of cotton waste to various markets such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand etc.


Fair Trade Cotton

We can supply Fair trade Standards Cotton from FLO or other Certified bodies. Both Conventional and Organic Fair Trade Standards cotton can be arranged as per buyer’s requirement.

  • All our cotton bales are covered with additional polypropylene (HDPE) Plastic/Cloth bags over and above normal packaging of Cloth/Jute. This type of double packaging not only ensures minimal shortage but also offers protection from adverse climatic conditions during transit.
  • We market our products worldwide under the trustworthy trademark of SUNNYCOTTS which ensures product quality guarantee and reliability. Our consignments are en-routed to various international markets under the only banner of SUNNYCOTTS.