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Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds can be eaten as well as used as ‘til’ in India. It is also used in various forms, that is, in the making of vines, beverages and sweet dishes especially during winter season.


 Sesame oil seeds are considered to grant heat to the body and are popularly used to do away with chills. These sesame seeds are ground and processed to make various snacks all over the world. Sesame oil is massaged to relieve pain in joints and muscles. Natural Sesame Seeds are rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin-B.


Sesame seeds burst forth from the ripe seed-pods of the sesame plant with a shattering explosion, hence the term. Open sesame Black ,Brown and White Sesame Seeds are the hulled seeds which may be either black or golden brown. White Sesame Seeds are hulled seeds and are the most popular types used in cooking.


We offer Indian Sesame seeds of West Bengal and Assam origin as well. These Sesame seeds have good demand in Vietnam , Thailand , Taiwan , China etc. We are stationed in West Bengal so we make sure the best quality is shipped to our buyers.

Specifications of Indian Hulled Sesame Seeds
Specifications for Indian Hulled Sesame Seeds (IHSS)